We are doing a daily message from God's word using the dew from Deuteronomy 32:1-2.

Dew Report for Saturday 12/09/2017

    Hebrew Date Month 09 Day 21 Jerusalem Dew Point 29 Psalm 118:21

    9 is Fruit of the Spirit, divine completeness from the Father, judgement and death.
    21 is sin, sinfulness, exceeding sinfulness of sin.
    29 is Departure.

    (I will thank You that You have heard me and have become my deliverance.)

    The Fruit of the Spirit makes up a small part of the Father’s divine completeness. There are so many layers of the Father’s divine order and completeness. Thus, in any situation we are in, the Lord is on our side.

    For the one’s who call Him their Father, will He not fulfill your generational promises. And bring deliverance over sin in our lives. Will He not triumph upon our enemies and those who hate us.

    There are many promises that are recorded in the bible that God has promise.

    Thus, we can call upon the Lord from our distress. We can find rest and are preserved in His mercy grace, and love.

    We must depart from our old ways and follow His ways.

    I will thank You that You have heard me and have become my deliverance.

    From the 36 different verses in the Bible that contain the word dew, This will give us the insight into the dew question. The word dew is used in the following context.

    11 times as a word from heaven.
    9 times as a sign.
    6 times as a blessing or favor.
    4 times as answer to a question.
    3 times on the ground with manna.
    1 time as knowledge.
    1 time it was from the Lord.
    1 time God speaks as the dew. This is where Hisdewreport came from.

    On this day what is God saying to you?

Updated: December 9, 2017 — 9:14 am