Biblical meaning of some numbers, and how to utilize the language of the dew for yourself.


This is a daily revelation of God word, that is a means for us hearing from God daily. This revelation begins with the written word.

To get a greater understanding of the language of dew will require the meanings of the number’s and there Biblical meaning’s.

List of the Biblical numbers and there meanings.

1     Unity, New beginnings, priority

2     Union, Godly division, faithfulness witnessing, set apart, manifest power

3     Resurrection, signature of God, Divine completeness and perfection, divinity

4.    World, creation

5.    Grace of God, God’s goodness, Pentatuch (first five books) overcoming

6.    Weakness of man, evil of satan, manifestations of sin

7.   Spirit of God, Completeness, Resurrection, Father perfection

8.    New birth or beginning

9.  (+) Fruits of the Spirit, divine completeness from the Father, (-) judgment and death

10.   Testimony, law, responsibility, timelines and carrying out God’s plan

11.   (+) heroes rising, selfness service, (-)Judgment, disorder

12.   Governmental perfection (12 disciples, tribes, etc.) God’s is in control

13.   Depravity, rebellion, Apostasy

14.   Deliverance, salvation, fear of the Lord, witness of Him

15.   Rest, overcoming death, perfect grace

16.   Love, love of God

17.   Victory, overcoming

18.   (+) life more abundant, (-)Bondage

19.   Faith

20.   Redemption, waiting, expectancy

21.   Sin, sinfulness, exceeding sinfulness of sin

22.   Light

23.   Death

24.   Priesthood

25.   Forgiveness of sins, repentance

26.   Gospel of Christ

27.   Preaching the gospel

28.   Life, eternal life, (woman cycle, etc.)

29.   Departure

30.   Blood of Christ, dedication, beginning of ministry

31.   Offspring

32.   Covenant

33.   Promise

34.   Naming of a son

35.   Hope

36.   Enemy

37.   World of God

38.   Slavery

39.   Disease

40.   Trials, probation,testing

42.   Lord’s coming,(first and second) Israel’s oppression, first advent

44. Judgment of the world.

45.   Preservation

50.   Holy Spirit, Pentecost, Jubilee

60.   Pride

66.   Idol worship

70.   Restoration and punishment of Israel

100.  God’s election of grace

111. the trinity

119.  The resurrection day, Lord’s day, Spiritual perfection and victory, 7×17=119

120.  Divine period of probation

144.  Spirit – guided life

153.  Fruit bearing

200.  Insufficiency

222. signs, miracles and wonder

333. God calling you

444. complete creation, the whole world

555. Complete grace, Christ Himself

600.  Warfare

666.  Antichrist, full lawlessness

777.  Christ, perfection of spirit

888.  First resurrection Saints, Holy Spirit; The sum of Tree of Life.

1000. Divine completeness and Father of glory.

4000. Salvation of the world through the blood of the Lamb (Those who chose between Christ and antichrist.

6000. Deception of antichrist; second Advent

7000. Final judgment

10,000. Maturity

144,000. Those numbered of Israel

With the biblical meaning of the different numbers, and going to the tab on how to read the dew, one will gain insight into this language.

By going to the internet you can get the dew point for your location. One of the best sites is, or  On this site you can get your the dew point number.

Remember there are 4 different numbers, (day, month, year, and the dew point). By cross reference with your calendar and with the Hebrew calendar you can get the number for the month and day.

Your last number is the year. By using the Hebrew calendar we will start using the Psalm for the next year starting in the fall at the time of the feasts of trumpets, (Yom Kippur). Ex: Starting September 21, will beginning using Psalm 118. Psalm 118 for the up coming year of 2018.

You may ask what about a dew point number that there is no biblical meaning, like 54.  Start with 50 and use 4 to make 54. For 43, 42 and 1, to make 43. Start with the number that is below the DP number and include the other number required to make the DP number.

The sentence structure is the following:
Verse out of Psalm, month, day, and the dew point.

You will utilize the meanings of the different number to make up a sentence, and paragraph.

Even if the biblical meaning of the number is negative. Within the sentence or paragraph it must be turned into having a positive perspective. Turning a negative into a positive. God can turn something bad into something good.

Note: This is very personalized for you.  This requires that you listen to the Holy Spirit within you on what dew point to use.  The dew point changes throughout the day.  Also if and how you utilize Psalms 118.  With the different meaning and how you may arrange them into a sentence.

When looking at how the dew was used in the Old Testament you will find that the message of the dew was always positive.  Thus, this language of the dew is always positive.  God is love and this is a language of love.